1. Let’s get this straight… you book Malcolm X to appear on your show, and you make him respond to stupid 20-questions type quizzing instead of discussing something relevant and interesting?
    Oh- also- this has to be the most boring game show I’ve ever seen. I quit after the “Arabia- type country” question.

    Oh, how I love my weird country.

  2. Laura, this was from 1964 – before Short Attention-Span Television.

    The questions could’ve been a little better, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless.

  3. I just think that instead of having Malcolm X in a position where his answers solely consist of “yes”,”no”,”I don’t know” or “partly” (although it do find it interesting one a level of discovery, much like the episode with Salvador Dali), I would much have preferred a game where he was actually providing answers that indicated something of his own opinions and ideas in a way not traditionally explored, unlike the interview at the end (which is fascinating, but not exactly fun or unorthodox).
    Basically, the host could have given all the answers to the original questions (yes, no, etc.), and Malcolm’s presence was essentially wasted- in my opinion. If they’re going to get him involved in a game show, they might as well get him involved and participating beyond acting as a kind of living Jeopardy screen.

  4. On a rather interesting side note…

    Malcolm X also appeared on one of the very first episodes of The Price is Right, too.

    That was just before he was rubbed out.

  5. sgt tumeric- that’s what I was referring to when I mentioned (albeit, in a poorly-worded fashion due to extreme sleep deprivation) that it was interesting because of the element of discovery. I’m just saying that once that’s over, there is really nothing left to do but have a serious interview. So it’s inevitably a short game show portion- that’s all I was saying.

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