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Day January 6, 2009

Seattle Gay Bars Receive Threatening Letters

From Slog:

Eleven gay bars in Seattle received letters today addressed to the “Owner/Manager” from someone claiming to be in the possession of ricin, a deadly poison. “Your establishment has been targeted,” the letter begins. “I have in my possession approximately 67 grams of ricin with which I will indiscriminately target at least five of your clients.”

“I felt sick when I read it,” said Carla, the owner/manager of Re-bar. “It’s so vile. It’s just hatred. It made me worry for all the other bars, and for my bartenders, and our clientele.”

According to the CDC’s website, someone who has ingested “a significant amount” will develop vomiting and diarrhea within the first 6-12 hours; other symptoms of ricin poisoning include hallucinations, seizures, and blood in the urine. There is no antidote for ricin but ricin exposure is not invariably fatal.

“I just had the police come pick [the letter] up,” said Keith Christensen, the manager of the Eagle, when reached by phone. Christensen had already heard about the letter from other bar owners and managers, and so he didn’t open it. “It’s probably nothing,” Christensen added, “but the economy is really screwing all the bars right now, and the last thing we need is something ramping up the not-go-out mode people seem to be in right now. It’s really freaky that someone would do something like this at a time like this.”

Office Porn

The home office FAQ of telecommuter and programmer Mitch Haile.

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You’re welcome.

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Deep Inside The Mind Of Busey

Question of the Day


RIP Alfred Shaheen

Inventor of the Hawaiian shirt.

The Doors – The Unknown Soldier

40 Palestinians Killed in IDF strike on UN School

From Haaretz.com:

Israel Defense Forces tank fire killed up to 40 Palestinians at a United Nations school in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, medical sources at two hospitals said.

The attack brought the Palestinian death toll to nearly 600 in Israel’s 11-day offensive on the Hamas-ruled coastal territory.

Two tank shells exploded outside the Gaza school, spraying shrapnel on people inside and outside the building, where hundreds of Palestinians had sought refuge from fighting between Israeli soldiers and Hamas militants. In addition to the dead, several dozen people were wounded, the officials said.

Medical officials said all the dead were either people sheltering in the school or local residents.

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Smack Talk

Daily Dose of Ingersoll

Undoubtedly there are many cases of perfectly justifiable
suicide — cases in which not to end life would be a mistake,
sometimes almost a crime.

As to the necessity of death, each must decide for himself.
And if a man honestly decides that death is best — best for him
and others — and acts upon the decision, why should he be blamed?

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Is Suicide a Sin?” (1894)

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