1. And that’s just the Old Testament! If you count all the wars that have been fought in the name of God, the total would be vastly more.

  2. Well that’s not too bad. Out of the 33 mil, the first 30 are a huge guestimate, so that is quite uncertain altogether.

    And if we count all the people who were killed by fundamental atheists, we find a far larger number than anything ever done in the name of God. Think Mao, think Stalin, think North-Korea. A very mild estimate would be 50 million, but most people tend to think Stalin alone killed more than that. Let alone Mao …

    I left Hitler out, since some people tend to think he found his certainties in the bible. Most of his ideas came from philosopher Nietzsche however, but hey … Hitler only attributed some 17 million, at most. Amateur.

    So. Seems God is not as competent as man is, killingwise.

  3. Taco, it’s true that the flood total is an estimate. But God (and/or the authors of the Bible) didn’t bother to tell us how many people he killed in the flood. Apparently it’s hugely important to mention the fact that people can’t wear clothes with mixed fabrics (it’s mentioned in at least two places), but not important to mention how many millions of people died in a worldwide flood.

    Besides, just because men have allegedly killed more people than God has, does this mean God should not only be left off the hook, but praised? By that logic, someone who “only” kills a few coworkers should not be put in jail, he should be worshiped!

    There have certainly been many atheists who have killed people, and that is absolutely horrible and inexcusable. But where is your proof that more people have killed in the name of atheism, or more people have been killed in the name of atheism? As you mentioned, Hitler used God (whether he believed or not) to justify his crazy plans. There are plenty of cases in history where leaders specifically say they’re killing people in the name of God. How many people have killed in the name of atheism specifically because of their religion?

    It doesn’t make it okay at all that many have died at the hands of atheists, but to claim atheism has resulted in more deaths throughout history than religion doesn’t seem justified.

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