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President Obama, It’s Time To Fire the TSA

My favorite part of the new TSA regulations is that you can’t have anything in your lap during the last hour of the flight. There’s no way a terrorist would ever think about blowing up a plane at any point before descent.

From Gizmodo:

Today, DHS’s Napolitano’s response to the crotchbomber: “We’re looking to make sure that this sort of incident cannot recur.” But the TSA’s response to Abdulmutalib’s attempt makes one thing clear: We must stop pretending the TSA is making us safer.

Security expert Bruce Schneier nails the core incompetency: “For years I’ve been saying ‘Only two things have made flying safer [since 9/11]: the reinforcement of cockpit doors, and the fact that passengers know now to resist hijackers.'”

So what has the TSA done in response to the attempted attack? They’ve told airlines to make passengers stay in their seats during the last hour of flight. They’ve made it verboten for passengers to hold anything in their laps, again only during the last hour of flight. Perhaps most hilariously telling, they’ve forbidden pilots from announcing when a plane is flying over certain cities and landmarks.

There is no other way to interpret it: The TSA is saying clearly that they can’t prevent terrorists from getting explosives on airplanes, but by god, they’ll make sure those planes only explode when the TSA says it’s okay.

Bertrand Russell on God (1959)

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Star Wars / A-Team Mashup

I’m still not bored by these.

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Cat Gets Stuck Behind Couch

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1:10 Scale Model Saturn V Launch

An Icy Road

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Leonid Rogozov – Hero Surgeon

From English Russia:

In 1959 Leonid Rogozov graduated from the Institute and was immediately accepted to the surgery clinical residency. However, his studies at the residency were broken off for some time due to Leonid’s trip to Antarctica in September, 1960 as a doctor of the 6th Soviet Antarctic expedition to Novolazarevskaya station.

During this expedition there happened an event that made a 27-year old surgeon world-famous.

In the 4th month of the wintering, in April, 29th, 1961, Leonid showed disturbing symptoms: weakness, nausea, fever and pain in a right iliac region. The following day his temperature got even higher. Being the only doctor in the expedition consisting of 13 people, Leonid diagnosed himself: acute appendicitis. There were no planes at any of the nearest stations, besides, adverse weather conditions would not allow to fly to Novolazarevskaya anyway. In order to save the sick member of a polar expedition there was needed an urgent operation on site. And the only way out was to operate on himself.

Have a Merry War on Christmas

Comrades! Fear not. Our perpetual war on Christmas will continue until the secular forces defeat the evil dark forces that is Christmastide.

Unfortunately I won’t be joining you because I will be spending the next few days with family, friends and various retail clerks. I don’t intend on blogging much for the next few days so stay safe, stay warm, and cthulhu fhtagn.

I Wasn’t Expecting That To Happen

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