1. I’m pretty sure that ancient Rome was never this bad. They may have slaughtered Christians in the Coliseum using gladiators and tigers [let’s not get any fancy ideas now, athiests ;), but at least they never did anything like THIS. At least not that we know of.

    And does anyone else think that they’re stoned and probably dating? I swear, her always-crazy-eyes seemed sluggish yet happy, and this invention was clearly the result of one too many hits of the bong, but there was something else weird going on there that I assume means that they’re dating behind the scenes so they’ve lost the ability to act normally around each other.
    Paul dean’s show = displaying the munchies on TV and then witnessing the stoners delight in their weird food choices.

    My family was in New Orleans recently, and we were stunned to discover that the RAVIOLI was deep-fried, and it wasn’t even mentioned on the menu. I hardly think that’s a natural assumption to make with pasta (we expected it but we didn’t think it would go that far).

  2. God, I love this woman.

    I don’t know if it’s the wild-eyed euphoria, her consistant “three sheets” demeanor, or if it’s the food she cooks, but she’s a personal hero.

    My girlfriend and I once watched her batter and deep fry a slice of cheesecake topped with half a chocolate bar, only to then top it with powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, and raspberry sauce. She’s an evil genius.

  3. Oh, Paula, congratulations!

    Your latest performance was as delectable as dipping my bottom over and over into a bath of the silkiest oils and creams.

  4. Lordy, I know how to binge out and that woman makes ME sick!! Now keep in mind my family is from the south (my grandmother’s cookbook was consisted mainly of Jell-o recipes and cookies and cakes – meat was fried or barbequed and you don’t need a recipe for that) and I am used to the ridiculous amounts of sugar and fat but THIS is TRULY disgusting!!! I can totally see why I quit watching Food Network! (I think Anthony Bourdain – who’s show I DO love – especially when he gets to smokin and drinkin) – has a list of “reviews” on the nutcases on Food Network. It’s a hoot!

  5. I hope some university is doing a study to correlate this with how many kids turn up obese with cholesterol off the scale and early-onset diabetes.

    I’d rather let my kid watch “Britney Does The Simpsons, all of them, including Maggie” than that.

  6. Boston Creme Doughnut sliced down the middle as the bun for a hamburger has be one of the best things I’ve ever had. But that is one of the situations where bacon can’t really add anything, much less 2 kinds. Heart fail.

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