1. Is there something I could do to make you reveal it?

    How about meeting me back here at 11 o’clock for a drink or so?

    How do I know you’re not some sorta weirdo?

    Nah…I’m not a weirdo


  2. This is great. There’s a guy that goes to a bar that I occasionally visit. He’s there all the time doing magic to try to impress girls. It’s actually really fun to watch when it’s 1am and everyone he’s doing the tricks for is super wasted. I don’t think I’ve ever once seen him successfully walk away with a girl’s phone number.

  3. Lame. As an amateur magician, you can use a trick to get attention, but you’d better be able to back it up with confidence and an interesting personality afterward. Plus, walking up and saying, “Do you want to see a magic trick?”, is just another pickup line with a fancy aftermath.

    More importantly, don’t EVER do tricks for guy/girl couples. The guy immediately thinks you’re trying to hit on his girl and it can get really bad.

  4. microwave concurs with stove.
    whats with his self jab at 1:23???
    thats when he slugged the neon clad blonde and they had to cut the scene short.

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