Bailout Watch

An interactive graphic displaying how much has been spent on federal rescue packages.

Since the economic-stimulus package in February, the federal government has offered more than a dozen multibillion-dollar rescue packages for a variety of industries and people endangered by the financial chaos and the recession. The magnitude of even one of these mega-bailouts is hard enough to grasp—see the “Explainer’s” take on the meaning of $700 billion—and combined they represent trillions of dollars in federal commitments. The following Slate / The Big Money visualization attempts to put the magnitude of these rescue packages in perspective.

Question of the Day

Who was the best teacher you ever had?


I’m bumping this to the top for the following reasons:
(1) There are a ton of great responses that are worth a read for those who haven’t read them already. Thanks to everyone who responded. We hear so often about the bad teachers out there that it’s great to see that some teachers have really been a big influence.

(2) I’m swamped with work today and I’m in a meeting for the next hour or so. And by meeting I mean lunch.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll

The parasite of woman is the priest.

It must also be admitted that there are thousands of men who believe that superstition is good for women and children — who regard falsehood as the fortress of virtue, and feel indebted to ignorance for the purity of daughters and the fidelity of wives. These men think of priests as detectives in disguise, and regard God as a policeman who prevents elopements. Their opinions about religion are as correct as their estimate of woman.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Men, Women, And God” (1885)