• That was made of win!

    I got so inspired I totally punched my boss in the face!


  • perro

    hahaha, yeeaaaah! inspirational indeed!

  • Amanda

    That brought a tear to my eye…

    Party on Dudes!

  • ntac

    How lame would that be if there was no music…

  • TDavis

    Damn! Now I’ve gotta go out and break something!

  • Duh

    It would have been a lot funnier — to me anyway — if they had interspersed clips of the great oratorical moments of real speeches(from Hitler to JFK to Krushchev to Obama to Reagan) in between the rousing movie speeches.

    That would have improved it.

  • I expected some real speeches too and then *BAM* Mighty Ducks and I had no idea where I was.


  • JD

    Sadly, this clip makes more sense when i’m drunk as opposed to when i’m sober… and yes I did watch it in both positions.