• Erin

    Wow, I think I went into a diabetic coma just looking at all of that sugar.

  • Um, I take back what I said many and many thread ago about loving all deserts. Seriously, this is just a pile of frosting with a truffle on it. My daughter would probably go for this hardcore, but I’ll freakin pass.

  • Kellie

    So… is there cake under the frosting or what?

  • buffalo


  • Umran

    where’s the “cake” part, of this “cake”?. I’d go for spaghetti eis any day!


  • “the “meatballs” are Ferrero Rocher truffles and the “cheese” is shaved white chocolate!”

    …and the vomit is actual vomit.

  • @ buffalo

    …But yes, it is brilliant.

  • I’ve seen this as spaghetti ice cream, where the “noodles” were strings of ice cream, as processed through a pasta sieve. Guaranteed to induce cognitive dissonance.

  • So….much….frosting……

  • Ben

    Buttercream isn’t real frosting, and even so you can’t tell how deep it is. It’s likely the same depth as the frosting on any cake.

    All you dessert alarmists need to calm down.

  • suzydanger

    Instead of explaining “how you make it” I want to know ‘who would eat that”.

    or the oh so popular:
    “why would you eat that”.

  • Susan

    I made this yesterday with a chocolate cake underneath – it was awesome. Seriously, it’s no more icing than usual. The jam gave it a sort of Black Forest Cake taste. And there were fights over who got the most “meatballs”.