1. “These ‘flavorings’ vary depending on where the hotdogs will be sold, because different regions have different tastes.”

    I suppose that my region really loves the taste of rat droppings. An acquaintance of mine works at a hot dog factory. He informed me that the meat batter in his plant is mixed on the floor. Apparently there is a legal allowance for a certain percentage of animal droppings in hot dogs. But I guess that is the case with all meat. Yummm.

    It takes some of the mystery out of the listeria crisis for me.

    Sodium Nitrates also cause birth defects and cancer.

    Bon apetit!

  2. I loved the opening. Hot dogs – otherwise known as Frankfurters, from their place of origin – are an all-American fare.”.

    I don’t think that “fare” looks right.

    I’m hungry.

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