How to make Bacon Soap From Actual Bacon

Unfortunately you’ll need to part with your precious bacon fat (which is terrific drizzled over ice cream) to make bacon soap.

How to Prepare Bacon Soap:
This recipe is a basic soap recipe.
• 7.5 parts bacon fat
• 1 part lye
• 2 parts water

A). Melt the bacon fat on the stove. Do not get it too hot (not boiling/sizzling – very dangerous).

B). Skim off any particles or debris that float to the surface of the melted bacon fat.

C). Pour the melted bacon fat through cloth or paper towels into a large clean metal can (see photo), this will further filter the bacon fat.

(Your move Mr. Carroll)

(via Serious Eats)


  1. We may have come across a non-delicious use for bacon here. Does it make you smell of bacon? Could also be dangerous if you lived in the woods. I’m just sayin…

  2. Or perhaps the tastiest soap ever. If this baby gets out on the open market we may see a huge increase in soap poisoning (which leads to blindness in kids who want BB guns for xmas)

  3. This would tend to result in very soft soap; it’d probably be better to use part bacon grease and part something like coconut oil or beef tallow (and adjust the lye accordingly).

    I love the idea of liquid smoke as a scent though.

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