• Thomas

    Why not use a tazer to speed it up?

  • L

    I’ll never complain about the Montreal’s subway again.

  • Alex

    alright, now how would one get off?

  • Carolyn

    I visited Tokyo in April and fortunately we never experienced that! It was a bit of a thrill to be on the trains in the morning with our bright blue and red coloured rain gear among a sea of all black and white suited salarymen.

    The trains were actually amazing and we found it very easy to get around. There were several digital maps showing your location and the upcoming stops along with pleasant sounds as the doors opened and closed.

    However we did see updated data where delays were caused due to “crowding.”

  • tamarind

    I laughed all the way through that. Fantastic.

  • natalie

    i never knew and i was the type of person who could have panic attacks until I lived in Japan. My first attack was when I was compressed inside a train during a stupid festival.

  • dancing caveman

    been there, done that, and it’s a bit of fun! 😀 it is easy for the ladies to get groped though, hence that is why they have women’s only carriages during the rush hours.

  • err

    haha, and i thought the transit riders in pittsburgh were a bunch of jerks, but now i see i was wrong.

  • I was kind of expecting a drop kick at some point.

  • Ninabi

    Kind of looks like birth in reverse.

  • Are there seats in these trains during rush hour?

  • Mike K

    So that’s how they get all the clowns into those tiny cars.

  • suzydanger

    Man, and I get pissed when I have to SHARE a seat. I guess Chicago’s doing pretty well then!