First Person Killed by a Robot

From Wikipedia:

Robert Williams (c. 1954 – January 25, 1979), a worker at a Ford Motor Company factory in Michigan, was one of the first individuals killed by a robot.

The robot was designed to retrieve parts from storage, but its work was deemed too slow. Williams was retrieving a part from a storage bin when the robot’s arm hit him in the head, killing him instantly. In the suit, the family claimed the robot had no safety mechanisms to prevent this, lacking even a warning noise to alert workers the robot was nearby.


  1. Wow! I’d never thought of this before. Great post. So when this robot is decommissioned, does it have to report to Robot Satan?

  2. And so it begins… Let’s just hope some of them evolve to be hot like Six from Battlestar Galactica, in which case I’m all for robot world domination.
    On a more serious note: poor bugger. What a way to go.

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