1. I went on a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico a couple of years ago and we hit a storm. One night it threw the 3-year-old out of his bunk three times and me once. Not all that fun to be honest.

  2. Geez, either this was a hurricane or something broke on the ship, because liners have these huge stabiliers under their beam that normally minimizes this type of listing.

  3. I worked on acruise ships for a long while, and I’ve never seen one with furniture as badly equipped to handle storms as this ship – usually all of the furniture is either bolted to the ground or has rubber on the bottom to keep it from slipping. Anyway, thanks Chris, this video reminds me that I made the right choice in being a landlubber.

  4. On a cruise in the Baltic when we hit a Force 9. I was going back to the Cabin when the ship heeled over. One second I was walking on the floor the next the wall then the floor again. Thats the secret, just keep going.

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