Gaping Security Hole in Twitter Identified… Twitter Users

Twitter users will give up their passwords en masse to get what might just be a random number.

Something called “Twitterank” has been #1 on Twitter’s trending topics for much of the afternoon, and a flurry of tweets have been coming across along the lines of “my twitterank is 30.35!” with a link to an individual page for each user on a crudely designed website. While the site doesn’t give any real details as to what the number means, users have been handing over their credentials in mass to get the latest peek at what their Twitter popularity might be. Bad idea.

And from ZDNet:

Mana from the heavens for cloud sceptics – on a day a lot of professional photographers lost all their images due to the failure of photo hosting site Digital Railroad which went under – as Twitter users fanned their egos en masse to parade their ‘twitterank‘ to their followers.

Twitterrank has no apparent purpose beyond a sketchy numerical rating, and there are rumors circulating on Twitter this afternoon that it is basically a fishing expedition.