1. This morning when I took the trash out, I heard a scurrying in the grass and thought a bunny had wandered into our backyard. I went back inside and got a flashlight as it was still dark and we’ve been having problems with raccoons and such.

    Turned out to be a kitten, white and gray, about six months old maybe. It ran like hell when I got near it, although run is probably the wrong word. This thing hopped just like a bunny. Maybe it’s been adopted.

  2. It’s probably a feral kitten. Maybe the bunnies took it in? That would be an interesting story…

    My baby wasn’t feral, but lost in my parking deck. Can’t figure out whether her mom birthed her there or if she was abandoned there, but she was sooo tiny and totally frightened. I coaxed her out of her hidey hole with bits of chicken, and when I picked her up she just cried a little, but didn’t even struggle. Now she’s a happy, healthy, trusting young lady, and the BEST birthday gift I’ve ever gotten! 🙂

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