1. The guy at 0:45 who’s hitting the bucket honestly looks as though he expects the rhino to respond like it would (presumably) in real life.
    I love the total enthusiasm- especially the two employees and others who get “trampled” by the rhino.
    And that net at the end- it’s not a fish. I seriously doubt that net would hold down a human, much less a rhino.
    I think this scenario would me much more realistic if it were carried out using a small car with a pointy bumper. Then you could shoot out the tires just like you’d tranquilize a large animal.

  2. hahahaha the Japanese crack me up… I highly doubt that if a peeved rhino were to escape, that their nets/sticks/buckets would be any kind of defense! I am still laughing 🙂

  3. I laughed too, initially. But, playing my own devil’s advocate, I can see some merit here.

    If your first time using the net was on a real escaped rhino, your adrenaline and inexperience might hinder you. Having practiced this, even on a model, is a great idea, akin to firefighters shooting water into a fake building.

    Practicing the tranq shot? Also worthy. Hitting a rhino in a from a vehicle while avoiding eyes, etc. is something you don’t want to botch when a real escape happens.

    Looks silly, but there’s some purpose here too, I think.

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