Is Obama Connected to a Christian Youth Mind Control Operation?

From…. I don’t even know anymore. Just click the damn link:

As you read this and put the dots together… please keep this in mind…IF Obama IS linked to this… WHAT DOES IT MEAN??? WHAT was he created to do??? WHY are his mother and father both dead??? What could they have told us about his youth that we should know if we are going to elect him president?

Does it mean that HE has been CREATED in a similar fashion to the way these youths have been created? You have to admit that he is the most profound speaker we have had since the days of JFK and MLK.

After reading what is below, and knowing what I know about mind control and what it is capable of creating, I now am wondering if we have TWO Manchurian Candidates running for President… McCain AND Obama??

Or perhaps you’d rather read 67 pages of this pdf titled An Examination of Obama’s Use Of Hidden Hypnosis In Speeches