Woman Paints Lawn After Sign is Stolen

From KXAN:

After the Barack Obama sign was stolen from her front yard, Shannon Bennett painted a more permanent one with 12 cans of spray-paint and her front lawn as the canvas. “I just wanted to be able to say who I support, without being censored, which is how I felt when my sign was taken,” said Bennett. She painted a large, red, white, and blue symbol in the front yard, using her old Obama sign as an inspiration.

“The signs cost money and it’s coming into my front yard and taking away my freedom of expression,” said Bennett. She said she has not received any complaints from neighbors and the makeshift sign has been in the yard for a week. In an election year, sometimes driveways and sidewalks become battle lines, but not in Bennett’s Northwest Austin neighborhood.


  1. That rules. Freedom of expression to the nth degree. The idiots stole her sign so now she has one 10 times as big. I bet those right-wingers wish they could turn back the clock on that one!

  2. That’s what I was thinking dermot. Spray paint? Really? There had to be a more lawn friendly way to paint that.

    Cool idea though. I’m sure someone is already auctioning off their lawn for advertising space on eBay.

  3. M4L (men seeking lawns)
    Cynical adult male ISO a liberal lawn to spread my message about the presidential election and possibly LTR. Must have own mower and be spray-paint friendly.

    * Location: Front lawn
    * It is NOT ok to reply to this poster with Republican vitriol or other commercial interests.

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