1. So is he an actual paid shill for McCain or does he just hate Obama? The bigger surprise is Fox News daring to find something that resembles balanced reporting!

  2. What’s odd is that Fox is playing the role of reason? Not that long ago they would have agreed wholeheartedly with Joe.

    Boy have times changed.

  3. Wow, You know the election is getting crazy when even Fox News admits it’s frightening that people think a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel.

  4. Good on you, Sheppard, for bucking Fox’s trend and holding this shill accountable for his mindless assertions.

    Next we’ve got to get you to stand up to Fox so they no longer make you wear more eyeliner than Liberace.

  5. LOL- I forgot I had a Soma.fm station playing in WinAmp so when I started the video and turned up my volume there was this trippy little mellow beat going and it gave the video an awesomely comical quality :p

    I didn’t realize the music was separate until I stopped the video.

    And my daughter was just looking over my shoulder and the read the post above mine out loud. Just what I want my nine-year old saying.

    “A twat? What’s that?”

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