1. This video isn’t as bad as the one with those kids protesting the idea of having a “monkey president”. I hope there’s a very special Hell reserved for parents who teach/allow/encourage their children to talk like that.

  2. You should hear the kids my sister teaches (but to be fair, they are the remedial halfwits who will never, ever achieve any success in life but will instead spread their genes around, thus producing a nest of undesirable genetic material – not that I’m a eugenics believer or anything).

  3. ugh….if i believed in god i would say they are evil but instead i will say they are nasty people and i am glad i don’t know any of them.

  4. I keep thinking these videos couldn’t possibly get any worse…

    Such anger and ignorance. It’s … just… astounding and terrifying.

  5. I swear to FSM that the the girl who sits beside me in Civics has a Nobama button on her purse. I can’t look at it without thinking of all these videos.

  6. Take comfort, look at the size of the group and then look at the size of the groups that support Obama. I think and hope this is a very small minority.

  7. Aside from the idiotic opinions and the veiled but horrifying threats of violence, I’m more discouraged by the shouting. When two groups of people can line up and shout in unison at one another, I have to wonder why our problems as a nation aren’t just melting away.

    It’s too bad these people don’t care more for discourse at conversational volume.

  8. My fear is this: If McCain gets elected, what does that say about our people as a nation?

    I’ve seen it said on these comments that this is a small minority of Americans. Is it? The fact that the polls are as close as they are really depress me. All smear campaigns aside, the choice is as clear as it can get. Should I vote for Vader and the evil, controlling empire or a fresh-faced, idealistic hero like Skywalker here? Honestly, it depresses me to see the state of our nation. How can a country exist with such small-minded, ignorant hatred being shouted in the streets?

    Hopefully, change will come soon.

  9. I have to think that most McCain supporters are not like the racists seen here. However it seems Obama has brought out all the racists and idiots.

    Then I think back to the last election and realize the same crop of idiots were in an uproar over Kerry’s war record. The right wing talk radio hosts spewed much of the same hatred. Now I’m depressed about the country again.

  10. Nice to watch the democratic (with a small d) process in a civilised country progressing with an appropriate level of dignity and respect.

  11. I think what gets me the most about the McCain supporters, besides the bigotry, is how smug and arrogant they are. I really fear for this country sometimes.

  12. The entire McCain campaign has been nothing short of disgraceful. With all the attacks and innuendo he has fostered all this ignorance. It is as if from the beginning he formed his strategy around fear and racism. Where is this man’s integrity?

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