Liquid Smoking

From the Daily Mail:

It’s the sort of news that will make a smoker’s eyes light up.

A company has created a fruit-flavoured herbal drink that claims to deliver the same fix as cigarettes.

Called Liquid Smoking, it promises an instant high followed by a ‘euphoric calming feeling’.

It is targeted at those who can no longer light up inside public premises under the smoking ban but want to feed their cravings.

Daily Dose of Ingersoll

Now we are convinced of what is called the “uniformity of
nature.” We believe that all things act and are acted upon in
accordance with their nature; that under like conditions the
results will always be substantially the same; that like ever has
and ever will produce like. We now believe that events have natural
parents and that none die childless.

Miracles are not simply impossible, but they are unthinkable
by any man capable of thinking.

Now an intelligent man cannot believe that a miracle ever was,
or ever will be, performed.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Superstition” (1898)