Liquid Smoking

From the Daily Mail:

It’s the sort of news that will make a smoker’s eyes light up.

A company has created a fruit-flavoured herbal drink that claims to deliver the same fix as cigarettes.

Called Liquid Smoking, it promises an instant high followed by a ‘euphoric calming feeling’.

It is targeted at those who can no longer light up inside public premises under the smoking ban but want to feed their cravings.

  • Terry

    kills two birds with one drink for those who smoke only when they drink booze…assuming before long this would be mixed with jager

  • err

    yeah right im gonna drink 25 of these a day and instead of just spitting each morning when i wake up ill just suffer endless diahrea instead.

  • Tim

    How confusing can the name of this product be? Is it liquid smoking, or liquid smoke? I’m going to go ahead and guess that half of their sales are going to come from people mistakenly buying this product for curing bacon.

  • Nillin

    Bye bye teeth, hello mouth cancer.

  • Nadir

    In South Korea, energy drinks laced with nicotine are common.

  • dekker

    Nadir says:
    October 29th, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    In South Korea, energy drinks laced with nicotine are common.

    read the rest of the article, no nicotine added

  • Robble36

    umm it should be called Liquid ciggarettes because it is quite misleading because people smoke crack, weed, Poles. so it cant be liquid smoking if it is targeting ciggarette smokers that is just logic