1. I never found it hard to tell how old an Asian woman is. I think that’s akin to thinking they all look alike, which is only true if you don’t know any Asian women personally. Or black people. Or white people.

    There was a time when my kids were in the lower grades when I could NOT tell their school friends apart because I was not used to looking at white children more than one at a time (and face it, they were all the same shape and had the same hair and eye color). I got over it as I got to know them.

  2. I find it interesting that she was always (as far as I can tell) cast in Asian roles even though she’s half Asian. No wonder so many actresses in the past went to great lengths to conceal their nationality for fears of being considered “not white” or being typecast to ethnic roles.

  3. “…Simply return the unused portion for a full refund.”
    I can imagine people working at Pearl Cream with spatulas transferring cream from returned bottles to new bottles.

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