1. he almost had the perfect continuity loop going. right before “I’m sorry where am I?” he should have stuck with “that I couldn’t agree to disagree that we all agree to disagree with the American patriotic agreement of disagreeing but agreeing with Western Pennsylvania’s…” etc.

    he was SO close!

  2. Come on! How can they get behind this guy. Its just a fact when you get into your 70’s and 80’s your just not as quick and “with it” as you used to be.

  3. I couldn’t agree with McCain more if he had disagreed with the fact that Obama agreed that McCain is a total douche that agreed to disagree on that argument that West Virginia doesn’t favor certain patriotic things on the basis that Obama disagrees with that agreement made by McCain in the first place regarding the agreement to disagree. I’m old damnit, you shouldn’t make me speak!

  4. I guess he got a memo telling him not to do any more negative campaigns.
    Since he refuses (or is incapable) of doing positive campaigning- for himself, or for anyone else- (aside from the Nationalistic garbage he’s spewing here), he’s decided to go for the middle.
    He’s not neutral, but it’s sure not really negative. Or positive. Or anything definable that the elite, biased liberal media will be able to categorize and insult.

  5. No…


    NOOOOOOOO…. nonononononono…


    This senile fuck has a chance?

    Compare this to the recent upped video of Obama giving a speech.

    Oh yeah, to the choir, I forgot. 🙁 🙁 🙁


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