1. Ahhh carp *tears up*

    I don’t know who the BB performer is, but they sounded like they were having a real tough time there.

    Years later, and Jim’s passing still gets me. He was an intricate part of my education and growing up.

    Does anyone else remember the cartoon that was published at the time of Jim’s death, with a group of Henson’ Muppets standing near a microphone with their heads bowed. I think it was called “Silenced”.

  2. I got the whole memorial service on DVD and I cried through most of it. The worst was hearing Frank Oz… Almost all of his friends lost it at some point in their speeches and had to leave the podium crying, but his seemed the most tragic.
    You should cheer things up by directing people to see what the Muppeteers did later on in the service… They quietly announced that they would sing some songs in honor of the good times and their first song involved nothing but clucking!

  3. There was a muppets tribute to Jim Henson show where the muppets spent the whole show trying to find out who Jim Henson was.
    At one point someone (I think it was Gonzo) said “Maybe he’s something to do with…them.” and pointed down and they all looked down and started screaming “NOOOO ITS TOO DISTURBING” and suchlike.
    I honestly did not hallucinate this show.

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