1. When John Murtha said that western PA is a racist area, he wasn’t lying. It is. Just like a bunch of other parts of this country. That he had to apologize for it shows how idiotic this country has become.

  2. The young man with the baby reminds me of the Paul/Eli Sunday character in “There Will Be Blood”. A bible quoting, self serving snake in the grass type.

    Truly the least admirable side of American on display. Sadly wallowing in ignorance, prejudice and fear; grasping at religon dogma to justify any hateful position.

  3. I’m afraid that lone Obama supporter’s assessment of his neighbors was on the money. I hope the Secret Service are at the top of their game for the next four years.

  4. They’re going to have to be, because that’s something my family and I have thought about, too. There’s just too much racist vitriol being spewed.

  5. This makes me so profoundly sad. Living among stupid people is so dangerous. And there are so many of them in our country. Everywhere.

  6. Oh, come on now. President-elect John McCain is going to keep America safe for clean, decent and law abiding white-folk. White Power!

    (The sad thing is, this sad sentiment is probably being touted all across the red states.)

  7. Every country, every state, every county, every town has stupid people. It just seems like most of our idiots are willing to make fools of themselves on camera and regurgitate the words that get drilled into their heads on Sunday morning.

  8. Sheep are easily swayed. It doesn’t matter what race, religion or nationality. That’s why they are called sheep. They’re stupid, smelly, and give us wool for clothing…er…something like that…

  9. Don’t forget that these people (although misguided) are fueled by sincerity. While it’s dangerous, it’s far far FAR better than those who are aware that they’re spreading hate and actually contradicting the very messages they think they’re promoting.
    The one shred of credit I give Palin is that she’s sincere.Completely and utterly wrong and unprepared for the job she’s so confident about, but she’s sincere (I think). Her son is in Iraq, and she practices what she preaches about family (except for the funding for unwed mothers thing… hmmm…. wait a second…)

  10. Remind me to take off my Omama/Biden sticker if I ever drive through Ohio. I don’t want to be run off the road by these people.

    The kid with the baby looked like the guy from Children of the Corn! Geezus…scary shit.

  11. King Taco’s right. This sentiment is not isolated to the red states. People in cars that drove by a voter rally in my neck of the woods shouted “nigger lovers” and threw torn up Obama/Biden lawn signs at the crowd. And the pastor at the area’s largest church told his congregation yesterday that it was incumbent upon all Christians to vote for McCain because Obama is un-Christian, and that he (the pastor) and his staff would be calling parishoners individually to hammer this point home before election day.

  12. Canada needs electoral reform? I agree. Harper broke his own law that should have blocked the last election call. Wasteful. 3rd minority government in a row. At least the will of the masses has been made clear. Those politicians will have to work together now. Give and take.

  13. It made me a tad happy to see that the South doesn’t have a monopoly on uninformed hate mongers, but it mostly made me sad to realize that they’re everywhere.

    I wonder if Europe is hiring?

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