Yesterday & Today: The Top Women Scientists

From Hypatia of Alexandria to Mae Carol Jemison:

It’s no news that women were historically excluded from the “boys club” of science but women scientists date as far back as Ancient Greece, and perhaps further. In more recent years, they have become essential to the scientific community.

Several of the women listed here are sisters or wives of scientific men. During their times, women were forced onto the backburner but, given equal rights and freedoms, might have overshadowed their masculine counterparts. Some even disguised themselves as men and most, if not all, faced tremendous adversity. They have been chosen for this list because their contributions to science cannot be ignored, nor forgotten.

Every burgeoning young scientist ought to know their names and something of their achievements, as these women have laid fine foundation for the advancements that came later. So let’s get started.

Days of Autumn

From The Big Picture:

Autumn is here – a time for transition. In the northern hemisphere this means cooler, shorter days, the appearance of colorful foliage, harvest time, and feasts and festivals. Collected here are 34 photos of the season, from around the world.