1. I am going to be seriously disappointed if the phrase “as crooked as a warped sheleighlie” isn’t uttered in tonight’s debate.

  2. McCain doesn’t want teachers to be qualified? He thinks that fighting overseas makes you qualified to teach, without certification? Did I just hear that correctly?

  3. Considering that I went through several years of education and student teaching and exam taking to get certified…if someone from the military just waltzes in and takes my job because he or she was in the military, I’ll be apoplectic.

    Since when does wearing body armor and toting a gun qualify a person to be a teacher?


  4. this makes me miss burgess meredith.

    anyway, the similarities between this and the real debates is oddly amusing.

    “who is the real ba(rack)tman?”

    now if only the penguin had rolled his eyes during batman’s response i might have been floored.

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