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Let us forget that we are Baptists, Methodists, Catholics,
Presbyterians, or Freethinkers, and remember only that we are men
and women. After all, man and woman are the highest possible
titles. All other names belittle us, and show that we have, to a
certain extent, given up our individuality, and have consented to
wear the collar of authority — that we are followers. Throwing
away these names, let us examine these questions not as partisans,
but as human beings with hopes and fears in common.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Some Mistakes of Moses” (1879)

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  1. You guys may have already discussed the new Bill Maher movie, “Religulous”, and I apologize for this post if you have, but I saw it yesterday and it’s terrific! Of course, in Texas, the crowd was about as sparse as Sarah Palin’s brain cells, but it was very enjoyable and hit some great points. Just his prologue was worth the cost of admission.

    I’m writing it in the Daily Ingersoll comment section because I kept thinking of Ingersoll’s comments during the movie, knowing that Mr. Ingersoll truly believed at the end of his life that, surely, we would never have to still be putting up with the dangerous effects of religion 100 years later.

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