Today’s Republican Hatred

From Pam’s House Blend:

Here we go folks, the frustration of the right wing is in full flower. This one has manifested itself specifically as a defense of the hatemongering McCain/Palin crowds, excusing the behavior as equal somehow to anti-Bush or anti-Palin rhetoric out there. Judge for yourself, from “The Libertarian Conservative,” who posted “Enough!” with this image.

From Andrew Sullivan:

Palin-McCain supporters hold signs suggesting a moral equivalence between the Democratic nominee for president and the Islamist terrorist responsible for murdering thousands of innocents on September 11, 2001. This was at a Palin-McCain rally in Virginia Beach this morning. This is what it means to be a Republican today.


  1. I’m not surprised. THere are a great many Americans who are uneducated, borderline-retarded, gap-toothed, racist hicks. The vitriol being spewed forth isn’t remotely surprising.

    This country has a deeply flawed and disgusting population.

  2. I think this is the first time in election history that a candidate has been hated in a religious/terrorist way. It’s usually “He’s a flip-flopper!” or “He’s a philanderer!” This is a more fundamental hate, and I honestly worry for the man’s safety once he’s president.

    The worrying part is that all the people who believe he’s a secret ‘muslin’ terrorist are the same people that own all the guns.

  3. i think it’s good that this election is bringing out these attitudes for all to see. shine the light of day (and extreme social disapproval) on these bastards. the worse they get, the more McCain and Palin (and everyone else) will be forced to repudiate them publicly. meanwhile, the more moderately bigoted will be forced to reevaluate which crowd they respect more, and i’m sure it will on average shift them towards less bigotry.

  4. I am deeply shocked by the display of fundamental hatred that is going on right now. That is no longer about democrats or republicans. That shows the unimagineable worst of human psychology. Remember the times when people suddenly started to hate and slaughter their fellow beings in masses back in WW2?

    I am really afraid and very sad about this 🙁

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