• McGee

    Ah, good stuff.

  • I’m never going to be able to look at George Lucas in the same way again!

  • yep, thats hollywood. always rapin’

  • dancing caveman

    good thing i didn’t see the new film then…

  • Vlad the Impala

    The new film did give us the phrase “Nuking the Fridge”
    (then again, maybe that wasn’t such a good thing – “jumping the shark” was doing just fine by itself…)

  • Jeff

    As an added touch of subtlety, the rape scene is a direct homage to the Jodie Foster rape scene in The Accused (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094608/), which was widely considered a groundbreakingly brutal and realistic rape depiction at the time.


  • Robble36

    …….wtf im scarred

  • Jocelyn

    I caught The Accused reference too. Later in the show, there’s a reference to the “squeal like a pig” scene from Deliverance.

  • lumpi

    It’s amazing how consequently Matt and Trey are burning bridges and go all the way with this. They can’t possibly look Spielberg or Lucas in the eyes again. And they don’t care either.

    And while I both agree with the disgusting metaphor and, to a point, admire their guts; I still can’t stand Trey Parker and Matt Stone. They’re arrogant pricks (and probably have to be to pull something like this through).

  • dekker

    oh god havnt laughed that hard in a while…the cup smashing on the ground….freakin genious

  • Burk

    Trey and Matt are always hilarious. And I think it’s a comment on how melodramatic people can be about their nostalgia. It’s funny, I was just talking with someone about how we (and we’re old so we were there in The Day) all felt this way about RETURN OF THE JEDI and THE LAST CRUSADE. Now, I love STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES as much as I’m supposed to, but the general consensus among movie geeks back in those long-ago times was that Lucas and Speilberg had sold out. The too-cute dad and son thing in CRUSADE and all the silly jokey stuff with Sean Connery… And JEDI had us all cringing. The Ewoks?! The bad jokes?! The terrible unmasking and destruction of Darth Vader, which reduced a formidable and mysterious villain to a whimpering Mr. Potato Head begging for forgiveness and redemption. Talk about raping a formerly cool character. I even remember folks saying that the appearance of Yoda was when the trilogy lost it. The word back then (long before Jar Jar Binks) was that he was a crappy looking puppet with the voice of Grover from Sesame Street. Saying that now is blasphemy, though. haha. In retrospect I guess over the years we forgave it because it somehow represented our childhood and the whole “sense of wonder” stuff we were learning how to appreciate, but at the time, those were serious groaners, and lots of us geeks felt betrayed. I mean, it was so OBVIOUS that Ewoks were toy commercials… and those embarrassingly awful STAR WARS TV shows! The Christmas Special… the EWOK ADVENTURE shows. Jumping the shark is nothing new. We have a serial rapist on the loose here. People forget how those things were seen back in the days before blogs, discussion lists and South Park – or else they weren’t born, yet. Now, it seems like the 3 new STAR WARS movies and everything new that’s happened since is considered sucky by the fans, while the original 3 are sacred and untouchable. The original 3 Indiana Jones movies, likewise. Like something suddenly got ruined. Honestly, CRYSTAL SKULL was no worse (or better) than THE LAST CRUSADE, right? Was THE LAST CRUSADE really all that much more sacred and excellent, and this new one a “rape” of the franchise? Back in the olden days, the fan response to those movies (the 3rd chapters in those original trilogies) was similar to what Matt and Trey are portraying here, and yet SKULL had more going for it than a lot of recent fantasy/action films like TRANSFORMERS, IMHO. I think the sad truth is that no current film is ever going to make you feel exactly the same way you felt seeing a big, exciting blockbuster when you were 12. A lot of years have passed, and the bar has been raised on special effects and film techniques, and no matter what Lucas and/or Speilberg had done, it wouldn’t be as cool as the stuff we saw when we were kids. If CRYSTAL SKULL had been made back when we were kids, we’d for sure think of it as a classic…. Or am I completely insane?

  • Cutt



  • Oh, you enjoyed my tip. I knew you would like it. 😉

  • @Burk… no. I was just thinking about this today. I mean, a lot of us, as we turn into adults (wtf, I’m going to be 30 in 2 months?), hang onto that nostalgia. I know at least for me I’m always pining for it.

    I remember coming out of Jurassic park after seeing it in the theatre… just a teen, and visualizing dinosaurs romping around the streets outside. It felt so amazing! Like a revelation! Watching it now doesn’t bring back that nostalgia… that FEELING. Part of it I guess is that I’m older and I can spot things now that don’t make sense, or continuity. Knowledge. Experience. You can’t “unknow”. Stuff like that. It’s harder as I get older to just let myself go into the experience of it.

    On the flip side, the LOTR trilogy started showing up around the time I was 22 or so.. (and I had trouble suspending my disbelief even then), but it still holds a special spot in my heart. Maybe because it was pure fantasy and not “hard” sci-fi. Maybe because I read the book 5 years earlier and it held nostalgia? Maybe it’s just damn, fucking good.

    Part of it is that indescribable “sense” (that confluence of the senses, emotions and mind-state of what it was like to be you in that particular place and time) that you can sometimes grasp and compare to the tangible present. It’s always a glorious feeling to me. And I can’t help but hope that whatever I’m doing/thinking/feeling at where and when I am right now might inspire some future nostalgia.

    In that vein I’ve become much better at letting go of all my critiques and knowledge and experience… resulting in immediate judgment and disbelief, of media that is created for pure recreation.

    I enjoy things more, because I try to take them for what they are without feeling like I have to apply some sort of opinionated judgment. Did I enjoy it? Did I not enjoy it? Did it inspire something in me? Did it make me feel something? Did I laugh? That’s really all that matters.

    Now I’ve ranted and I doubt you’ll check back on this comment.

    But, to answer your question.

    No. 🙂

  • Matt and Trey are pretty critical of Lucas and Speilberg and I feel that it is completely warranted. Raping Indy and the “Changing Raiders of the Lost Ark” episode were both spot on and give a national audience to what their fans are thinking.

    Also, Burk, comparing a bad Indy film to the Transformers is like comparing Return of the Jedi (or any of the prequels even) to, oh, Scary Movie 2. Or did you do that because you know Matt and Trey despise Michael Bay?

  • scoleon

    I love classics they make us feel like kids agains sometimes… but the truth is making a fourth indy movie is obviously a big move and its going to make money. Spielburg “thought” it wasn’t. Ya right! He also claims that they did it for fun and they dont care about what the fans think in a sense… the First three Indy movies carry a consistant theme that is pretty easy to see “Religion” Arc, Temple of Doom, and Last Crusade. I don’t understand these guys, they have a right to make the movies they want, but they have to take into consideration the fans who put them in such a place to be admired. Matt and Trey are all about story and if the story doesn’t fit they dont hold any punches plain and simple. I didnt go to theatres to see it, but when i saw it, it looked like Spielburg has been taking too many lessons from Michael Bay, keep blowing stuff up and make everything shiny, then maybe they wont see the shit storm behind it.