Sarah Palin Can’t Name a Newspaper That She Reads

It’s that gotcha journalism that gots her again.

Actually, this sounds familiar. Wasn’t there someone else who hated to read anything in the news? Oh, that’s right:

But when he is on the receiving end, Bush prefers his news heavily filtered. “I glance at the headlines, just to get kind of a flavor,” he told Brit Hume of Fox News last month. But, “I rarely read the stories” because “a lot of times there’s opinions mixed in with news.” Instead, “I get briefed by [White House Chief of Staff] Andy Card and Condi [Rice, the national security adviser] in the morning.”


  1. Do we really need another barely literate, totally uninformed political puppet? I’ll answer my own rhetorical question, as I no longer trust many of my fellow Americans. NO.

  2. She did give an answer… She reads ALL OF THEM. That probably explains why she is spending so little time campaigning–no time with all the reading she’s doing.

  3. “Well, I read Highlights magazine. Gallant really shows the spirit of small-town American folk. Oh and Ranger Rick! That sneaky little raccoon, yup.”

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