Palin on Biden’s Age

I’m trying really hard to limit my Palin posts but every single time I say “That’s it. No more Palin posts for the night,” she says something else that makes you expect the camera to pan quickly to the right to a smoking Rod Serling telling us that we are indeed in The Twilight Zone. But Serling never appears. Something somewhere has gone wrong and we’re stuck watching as a woman who could possibly be president in a few weeks rattles on, mostly incoherently, mocking the age of the vice presidential candidate of the other party who is 6 years younger than her running mate who is the one trying to be elected President.

Hell, Saturday Night Live realized that they couldn’t write funnier lines than the answer that Palin gave to Couric and just had Fey say them verbatim. We’re 5 weeks away to electing Poe’s Law to the Vice Presidency of the U.S. of W.T.F.


  1. Chris, don’t be worried about over dosin’ the world on Pfailin – I think everyone’s doing it in a desperate attempt to say “DO NOT WANT MORE FREAKIN NIGHTMARE FOR ‘NOTHER 4 YEARS!!!”

    Remember the “We’re sorry world” website? Yeah, I do, and it’s those people speaking out, loud and clear. Go the people not sitting idly by this time!

  2. Her defense of the joke sounds exactly like the McCain defense of the Paris Hilton ad. “We’re not saying anything negative! We’re just stating the fact that Obama is an international superstar! It’s actually positive, if anything. And we fully expect the American people to believe that we’re putting out positive Obama ads here at the McCain campaign.”

    Not to be crass, but that’s quite a bit of cuntery. Or bitchishness. A dickism?

  3. It’s interesting because despite the similarity in age between Biden and McCain, when I look at them they appear to be about 20 years apart. Biden is quick on his feet, smart and alter; McCain seems sluggish, ancient and kind of gnarled. I think the combover REALLY doesn’t help- he should trim what little hair he has short because the combover just makes me really really sad.
    I’d rather see a Mr. Clean-McCain than an I-think-I’m-disguising-my-cranium-with-three-strands-of-hair McCain.
    Although it’s good that we’re not judging this on appearance alone. That darn Palin and her glasses would…oh, wait, the American people ARE judging this on looks alone? Well, between McCain and Palin it’s a toss up. Overcompensation much?

  4. Oh, and Justin- as for defending “jokes”, the Republican party has really been pushing it.
    When McCain tells terrible jokes (like about bombing Iran) and says “hey, it was in the name of hilarity!” I feel like throwing a pie in his face and then throwing him down a flight of stairs and saying, “oh hey, it was funny so apparently it’s okay!”
    Socially awkward meets presidential campaign 2.0

  5. The Cubs and the Sox both in the playoffs. Hurricanes. Floods. McSame and Palin running for the White House. It’s the end of times, people! FLEE! FLEE TO THE HILLS!

  6. I think it’s been firmly established that Palin is just a blithering idiot. What gets me is Cindy McCain. She’s just creepy. She’s got gray eyes! She reminds me of Village of the Damned or Cat People. She’s like Dick Cheney, lurking in the shadows….. waiting…. hungry….

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