Microsoft anti-Mac work was made on Mac

From AdWeek:

Just as Microsoft and Crispin Porter + Bogusky tried to play down the wreck of the HMS Conquistador by quickly launching their new “I’m a PC” spots, another PR snafu has swept the blogosphere. Looking at data embedded in Microsoft’s online photos from the campaign, a savvy Flickr user found that the images were created using Adobe software on a Macintosh (versus, say, Microsoft Expression Studio on a PC).

Daily Dose of Ingersoll


Everything was miraculous and mysterious. The priests were
cunning and the people credulous.

Slowly another theory as to the cause and cure of disease took
possession of the mind. A few discarded the idea of devils, and
took the ground that diseases were naturally produced, and that
many of them could be cured by natural means.

At first the physician was exceedingly ignorant, but he knew
more than the priest. Slowly but surely he pushed the priest from
the bedside. Some people finally became intelligent enough to trust
their bodies to the doctors, and remained ignorant enough to leave
the care of their souls with the priests. Among civilized people
the theological theory has been cast aside, and the miraculous, the
supernatural, no longer has a place in medicine. In Catholic
countries the peasants are still cured by images, prayers, holy
water and the bones of saints, but when the priests are sick they
send for a physician, and now even the Pope, God’s agent, gives his
sacred body to the care of a doctor.

The scientific has triumphed to a great extent over the

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Which Way” (1884)