Collecting deleted wikipedia pages:

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I clicked the random button and got this:

Devan pignatelli

devan pignatelli is a great kid who loves to play outside, whatch horror films such as the film’s childs play, halloween, friady the 13th, grimlins, and dead silence. he is a smart boy who is playing baseball along with his friend hunter. he would love to have a myspace page but his mom wont let him. he just sits around and plays video games with his brother riley. he has a hard time in school and is realy not a bad kid,…………… but he is mischevious. he has a lot of talent. he hopes one day to be a realy good author and surprise the world with his talents. he has had a lot of stressfull moments, but he can realy do anything he sets his heart on. he would love if he could meet someone who actulay liked what he did every deay after school. he is off at a good start and hopes to continue that life.