Sitemeter or How to Drive Away Your Customers in One ‘Upgrade’

Dear Sitemeter,

Thank you so much for the upgrade. Most businesses try to make their product better so it’s refreshing for one to try to drive all of their customers away by destroying everything that they loved in one big swoop.

I love how you got rid of the crisp main page that loaded as soon as you clicked on it with plenty of useful information like referrals, site averages and traffic for the day and replaced it with a mishmash of stats that nobody cares about and takes forever to load. (It gives me time to make dinner while waiting for the useless stats for the front page like “Top Country” and “Search BOT Activity” to load).

And from a quick twitter search, it seems like the rest of your customers are in complete agreement with me.

Bloggers too.


The new Sitemeter design lasted about 10 hours. Epic Fail. I’m glad they’re listening to their customers.