1. I like the way they pretend to be serious and move away from the bear, calling the guy a clown, even though the camera had been following him around until that point.

  2. Har har reporter Russel(?) seemed a little p’d off at Gus the cameraman.

    GUS, dammit, if you can just point the camera at the pier!

    I’d like to think Gus was laughing his socks off whilst trying to draw the bear towards Russel (and then possibly we could have witnessed a bear mauling)

    BUT NOooooooo…. lets look at a crummy broken pier (tsk)

  3. I am the guy in the bear costume. One Halloween, I dressed up as a bear. I never had the desire to get rid of the costume because of the laughs I got when wearing it. As soon as I saw the cameras getting set up on the Galveston beach, I thought there was no better opportunity to put the costume on once again. I hope everyone enjoyed the laughs.

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