1. I saw this on the Huffington Post. Those ladies did a great job. I loved Whoopie’s comment about being a slave if he stuck to the Founding Fathers’ Constitution. I’d like to see some “real” journalists be this tough on him. Actually, I’d like to see them be a lot tougher. He’s getting away with a great many lies.

  2. I have never enjoyed anything that came out of The View, but this time they did actually ask some substantive questions. It’s too bad they’re not on their game enough to come back at him with contradictory quotes or previous McCain decisions.

    And I agree Barbwire, I wish regular journalists would more routinely call this guy out on the blatant falsehood he puts out there.

  3. I don’t think Whoopie knows what separation of church and state means, a candidate who is religious does not mean the tenant of church is being violated. McCain is a bit off on the other end, but he is much closer to what it means than Whoopie was.

  4. she also has apparently never heard of the 13th amendment, since she said that if the courts can’t make laws she would still be a slave…. oh ignorance.

  5. @drman321

    You have a comprehension problem becuase she clearly states the reason why amendments are NEEDED is because the constitution is not a perfect document.

    She was saying that not everything the founding fathers did was perfection and that some of the mistakes, such as keeping slavery legal, needed correcting.

    It’s clearly in the video so you’re either a trolling douchebag or have comprehension deficit.

  6. they were talking about legislating from the bench. McCain clearly stated his opinion that it is Congress’s job to legislate and not the courts. Whoopie responded with the assertion that without the courts legislating she would still be a slave. This just isn’t true. Congress passed the 13th amendment. The Supreme Court had nothing explicitly to do with that.

    Perhaps it is not my comprehension which is at a deficit.

  7. On the question of separation of church and state, I was waiting for someone to ask about Palin’s desire for creationism to be taught in schools. That seemed to be the logical next question, but it didn’t happen. At least in these clips.

    Still, these women are asking better questions than news journalists.

  8. McCain specifically said he wanted Supreme Court justices who would interpret the Constitution as the founding fathers wrote it. That was way before the 13th ammendment, so Whoopie is correct.

  9. No he said the Congress should make the laws, and the Supreme Court should interpret them. He had a problem with the Supreme Court legislating as in Roe V. Wade. What they were talking about was the procedure of making new laws and making amendments.

    I suggest you view the link again it is around 5 minutes into the second clip that they start talking about this topic.

    He believes Congress should make the laws, not the courts, Whoopi believes she would still be a slave if the courts were not allowed to legislate. Hence my assertion that she has never heard of the 13th amendment.

  10. @drman.

    Really? That’s the assertion you’re going with? That Whoopie Goldberg hasn’t heard of the 13th amendment, the amendment that freed blacks from slavery. That’s the argument you’re going to stick with?

    Dumbest, assertion, evah.

  11. All this bullshit about the Supremes legislating comes down to two decisions only. It is Brown v. Topeka and Roe v. Wade.

    Now, if you consider legislating from the bench the Supremes overturning laws passed by the LEGISLATIVE branch of government, turns out its Scalia and Thomas who rank the highest on that score.

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