Anathem Impressions

I just started it on the train ride in. This is going to be difficult reading on my commute. The book is heavy which means it’s difficult to hold up (halfway through my forearms should start looking like Popeye’s) and I have to keep turning to the glossary at the end which makes it feel almost like I’m reading a choose your own adventure story. Especially when I look up a word in the glossary only to find the definition containing several other words that need to be looked up. I’m thinking about photocopying the glossary so I don’t have to keep flipping back and forth.

I just finished Stephen King/Peter Straub’s Talisman and was easily able to read about 75 pages per train ride. I managed to get through a dozen of Anathem’s pages through the same train ride. It isn’t easy reading. And a dozen pages isn’t enough to say if I like it or not but it does grab me right away. The beginning definitely has a Canticle for Leibowitz feel to it.


Screw this. I photocopied the glossary and shrunk it down (Hat tip to the Critic for that suggestion) so that I don’t have to scour the back of the book every time I run into NealSpeak. (Which, in the beginning, is about every fourteenth word)