I’m Only Going to Say this Once

I get email:

Re: Unsolicited comment from the peanut gallery

Dear Chris,

I enjoy your blog and, hey, it’s your blog so do with it as you will… just thought I’d give you feedback that I’m among those who think it’s gotten too political lately. There are a billion political blogs out there and to turn yours into another one dilutes what was so grand about it. Yours was/is unique and a different animal and I hope you’ll return to what made it so special before this election campaign cycle began.

Best regards,

My response:

Dear Steve,

Fuck off.


No seriously Steve. Fuck off. Stop visiting this blog. You’re sucking up bandwidth and I’m sick of paying thousands of dollars a year for Steve’s entertainment. I checked his email address to see how often he contributed or commented to this site and wasn’t surprised to find one comment. It’s always the people who contribute the least who are the ones that complain the most. I get complaints like this all the time. Dear Chris, I think your blog has too many videos… Dear Chris, I think your blog has too many pictures of cats… Dear Chris, you post too much about atheism etc etc.

This blog has always been and always will remain a reflection of what interests me at any given day. Is that self-indulgent? Of course it is. It’s a blog! I’m not going to cease posting what interests me because some asshat thinks he’s entitled to have a blog catered to his whims.


And I’m not the only blogger getting these types of emails.