New Cyn-C Feature: Gravatars

I’ve added gravatars to the comment section. If you want a gravatar to appear above your name in the comments, go to and create a free account. Just make sure that you comment using the same email that you used as your account and you’re all set. It should be good for most other blogs that use gravatars.


It may take several minutes before they start working after you create a gravatar.

Update 2:

Putting this at the top for Monday readers.


    Lowercase only? Pff.

  • @Geoff. ????

  • I think it worked!


    Oh, I went to register and it told me it was lowercase only. I thought it was tied to this comments section.

  • AeC

    Gotta say, I don’t appreciate having to come up with four or more letters for my username. Do you know how long it took to come up with AeC?

  • AeC

    I’m also not sure I appreciate going to all that trouble just so my pic won’t appear.

  • I’m also not sure I appreciate going to all that trouble just so my pic won’t appear.

    Well, your pic didn’t appear but one of a cat did.

  • AeC

    Note to self: Patience. Virtue.

  • AeC

    And you assume that’s not me because…?

  • Touche.


    I did it to test it. Regardless of the original image’s size, it seems to want me to crop it.

    I have a little bit of Grommet.

  • la Cour


  • Bob McCown

    Hmm… testing 1 2 3

  • It may take a few minutes after registering for it to go through.

    I gotta find a good gravatar now. Jealous of la cour’s.

  • la Cour

    @GEOFF LEPPARD: If you crop the entire image it will be scaled down instead.

  • Angry Sam

    Check on one-two…


    Oh, silly me. I didn’t realise you could resize the box.


    Wallace. I meant Wallace.

  • incredulous

    ahem… *pfft* Is this thing on?

  • Connie

    Just seeing if it worked.

  • Me too

  • Andrew

    Worked yet?

  • Hello world!

  • Swampper

    I’ll try it…

  • Mabase

    Lets try this thing.

  • Mabase

    aww too small to read the text.

  • gruggach

    Gravatar sans gravitas

  • I had wondered why my pic was up yesterday and no one else’s was. Now If I could only get your sustem to remember my info! I don’t type all that well, anyway.

  • See, typos everywhere!

  • deepsea33

    Did i read that right?

    Whenever possible, make Gravatar the Coyote’s greatest enemy.


  • Justin

    please work please work please work

  • Syndam

    I can haz pikture

  • *Circe*

    Testing, testing…