1. Damn, I hate to sound like a conservative here, but I wonder if they cry for the dead cows that their shoes are made out of and the dead cotton plants that their clothes are made from and the 17-cent/hour Cambodian slave laborer that made their Patagonia windproof fleece.

    Then again, I have felt pain for a particular patch of land and flora, a once-beautiful destroyed landscape after it was hit by a hurricane, so who am I to judge?

  2. try and contribute positively to an almost impossible effort.
    I suggest you read the book “green rage”, then maybe you’d understand why they’re so upset

  3. Yeah, earth firsters contributing positively – like spiking trees so saws kick back and injure and kill loggers. Or booby-trapping motorcycle trails in the California high desert because a tortoise may cross that road and have the slimmest chance of being hit by an off road vehicle. Save the tortoise, maim someone on a legal trail.

  4. Heh, heh. I’ve done this before, not quite so hostile though. I was tripping heavily on mushrooms at the time and ALL nature seemed to speak to me.

  5. Ok, but what do they eat? I’d really like to know! I’m a vegan, and don’t eat anything that is closely related to meat, but if you don’t eat vegetation, what do you eat? Does it scream when you swallow?

  6. Like most “activism” it’s selfish. “I feel bad about it so I feel better about it”. 100 million people marched against the Iraq war and the US is still there… but at least those 100m feel good about themselves, right?

    Sitting around and crying about trees, or letting fur animals out of their cages (thereby condeming them to death in the wild) solves nothing but the activists own selfishness.

    You want to stop the logging? Go to school, get into government and force a change.

    You want to stop the fur trade, go to school, work hard and change the system from the inside!!!

    Change, real change, if you REALLY care, demands effort. Crying or walking around with a plywood sign is a minimum of effort.

    I have no sympathy for these selfish fools who are out there making themselves feel better.

    Alas, I am probably preaching to the choir, right? :/

    Nothing like a 2 am vent! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Wow, talking about industrialization and technological evolution like it happened yesterday…

    They are solving nothing and have a lack self respect.

    If this plan of theirs was capable of taking fruit, there would be nothing left and thousands of years of culture, evolution, psychological development, and humans breath taking achievements would be wasted as things regressed.

  8. “I think we are deeply hurting in America. I think we are deeply craving answers. I think we have lost our identity.” Sounds like some things I have heard in church. Interesting.

  9. Thanks to youtube I guess we finally have an answer to the age-old question, “If a treehugger screams at the forest does anyone hear them?”

  10. “Don’t take the tree, take Meeeeee…” – Sure, how many toothpicks can we make out of you ?

    Come to think of it, ivory toothpicks must be kinder to the environment than disposable ones. Let us see how many tree huggers make the ultimate sacrifice.

  11. Arlo hit the nail pretty square on this one.
    To truly bring about change you must be active, not just activist. That entails effort and personal sacrifice WAY above chanting and mugging for the camera.
    A friend of mine once put it this way:
    A Vegetarian won’t eat anything with legs.
    A Vegan won’t eat anything with eyes.
    A person who is completely in touch with nature won’t eat anything that casts a shadow.
    There are degrees of commitment but all commitment requires some sacrifice.
    Crying for a tree looks pretty shallow to me.
    I suggest the folks in the video take up the third dietary choice given above.

  12. I have never laughed so hard.

    First by watching the video and then getting to read all the posts.

    They worship the creation, but not the creator when will these folks realize the truth?

    I’m still laughing…

  13. I wonder if these people are for abortion ??
    Would these people do this outside an abortion clinic for innocent babies ??

  14. What the HECK was that about?!?!
    Stupid people, crying for trees!!
    They probably don’t do that for every baby that dies from abortion!

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