New Cyn-C Feature: Gravatars

I’ve added gravatars to the comment section. If you want a gravatar to appear above your name in the comments, go to and create a free account. Just make sure that you comment using the same email that you used as your account and you’re all set. It should be good for most other blogs that use gravatars.


It may take several minutes before they start working after you create a gravatar.

Update 2:

Putting this at the top for Monday readers.

Neal Stephenson Explains What’s Wrong with Mobile Phones

From io9:

I couldn’t live without mine. But the etiquette and the interface are lagging behind the technology. Introduction of new technology often leads to disruptions in manners that can take a generation or more to play out. We’re in one of those awkward times now.

I’ve got Anathem and am counting the minutes until it is released. I hope I’m not setting myself up for a huge disappointment.