The eBay Myth

From ABC News:

In their first post-convention appearance, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., gushed about his running mate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin with a story that doesn’t quite square with reality.

“You know what I enjoyed the most?” McCain said in Cederburg, Wisconsin, according to ABC News’ Bret Hovell. “She took the luxury jet that was acquired by her predecessor and sold it on e-Bay. And made a profit!”

What a delightful story.

But it’s not true.

She didn’t sell the jet on eBay.

And she didn’t make a profit.


  1. According to the sources I’ve found, she ATTEMPTED to sell it on ebay.
    And failed.

    Considering that one of McCain’s three presidential role models is the founder of ebay- because he has such good business sense- this is hysterical. Well, hysterical and sad.

  2. I think the plane was put on ebay to make a point, not necessarily a sale.

    If a dem did this they’d all be praising her as a saint.

    And really, do you expext anyone would make a profit from selling a used plane? Depreciation anyone?

  3. Then why is McCain lying hjojo2584? Besides that, other Repugs were trying to tout her selling it at a profit on ebay as reason why she has experience.

    I love how repugs like hjojo blindly defend their party no matter the facts.

  4. This is what Republicans DO. They say something, and figure if they say it often enough, people will believe them. They actually have a pretty good track record(from their standpoint) of convincing the rest of us of their lies.

  5. And really, do you expext anyone would make a profit from selling a used plane? Depreciation anyone?

    So Saint Johnny Mac talks up the sale for profit as a great resume item, and we’re chumps for mocking his story because you think we believed GOP bullshit spin? That’s delirium we can believe in.

  6. And really, do you expext anyone would make a profit from selling a used plane?

    Hjojo, let me explain something to you. If you read the excerpt you would see that John McCain claimed that not only did she sell it on ebay, she sold it for a profit.

    That’s what is called a lie. It’s a lie because in reality, she didn’t sell it on eBay and it was sold for a loss.

    But I’m guessing you won’t admit to that part now will you?

    If a dem did this they’d all be praising her as a saint.

    How much straw did you use to make that man?

  7. If a dem did this they’d all be praising her as a saint.

    Hjojo was caught having sex with sheep.

    There, we both made statements that we have no evidence to back up.

  8. I think McCain made a mistake. I don’t think that he had the facts. I don’t think there was an intent to deceive. That said, as someone with a background in aviation I can say that you can buy a plane for 2.7 million and sell it for 2.1 million and in the world of aviation it might not be considered a loss. It could even be considered a profit depending on the situation. Aircraft value is determined primarily by the tbo (time between overhaul) of key parts. You can take two identical Cessna 152 aircraft. One with a fresh engine overhaul and the other that is due for an engine overhaul. One might be priced at $30K and the other priced at $20K. In the case of the Alaska jet, the value of the aircraft was falling with every flight hour. If you would like, I am aware of a 727 in good condition that you can have for free. It only needs its three engines overhauled among other scheduled maintenance.

    McCain made a mistake, but he might have accidently been correct.

  9. Wow, five posts on the first page that are anti-McCain/Palin – How many more in the past week? 20, 30?

    This site used to be more than a Democratic talking point site.


  10. It’s called cynicism for that reason and liars are likely targets,just so happens there seems to be an abundance of them in the news lately

  11. @Loudermilk

    You don’t have to read this blog. Since this is your first comment it’s not like you’ve added anything of value to it.

    (And really, you’re surprised that an atheist is anti-republican? The party that’s in bed with the christian fundamentalists?? You didn’t see that one coming?)

  12. I don’t judge on pary affiliation – I just think there there needs to be a balance. Attacking any one side plays into their hands.

    Now, we’re not naive enough to believe the other side (whichever is defined as the other side) gives a damn about you or what you need, right?

    Government (ours) is not there to make sure we’re tucked in at night and our bills are paid. They’re there to insure we don’t have to fear enemies, that our roads are fixed, that our water is clean, etc. Not to tell us that they need more of OUR money to do the thing they want to do.

    I am a stout atheist (if I were to have a god, it would be Pat Condell – and thank you for having him here from time to time). I am an atheist because I know better. I won’t be persueded by any god or any government…or idol.

  13. Unfortunately, our government is now outsourcing most of our needs (security, roads, electricity & water). It seems to me that all the government currently does is meddle in international affairs and tear up the constitution whenever it feels like it….and since the last eight years of idiocy have been under the shrub, mr compassionate conservatism himself, I think most people hate republicans because of the hypocrisies involved in the traditional republican platforms of fiscal repsonsibilty and smaller government (Homeland security, 1 billion to frakkin Georgia?).

  14. One clear point: McCain either didn’t investigate the truth of the statement before he aired it, in which case he’s lazy or sloppy, or he knew it wasn’t true, in which case he’s a liar. Either way, he shows contempt for the truth, and lots of faith in the public’s credulity.

  15. le_sacre, the surprising thing is that an awful lots of lefties apparently suffer from Palin Derangement Syndrome. Just look a the long list of inaccuracies and lies that has been spread about a Vice President candidate within a week!

    Take a look at her from the outside: she is about the same age as Obama but has run a state, a town and a commercial fishing operation – all jobs that give executive experience. Yes, the town and the state were small, but experience is experience; Obama (and Biden!) has, as Rev. Jackson said, in his whole life only been running his mouth. Compared to her, he is just a backseat driver. She is All-American and she has a life beyond politics. She is for drilling in ANWR. etc. etc.

    I most certainly don’t agree on her views on abortion and I am an atheist. But she has a right to her views and apart from these two issues, what is there not to like?

  16. “An original member of Barack Obama’s finance committee said Friday that Sarah Palin is putting her career above her family by accepting the nomination as John McCain’s running mate.”


  17. Jorgen, what is there not to like? She may have abused her power to fire a state employee (we’ll have to wait to find out). She wants to cut funding to teen pregnancy programs while at the same time trying to outlaw both abortion and family planning programs (contraception) in schools. She made false statements about how she handled the bridge debacle. She is a believer in Intelligent Design. She wants to teach ID in school science curriculums. All in all she is the antithesis of who I want in office.

  18. The executive experience line is bunk, John McCain has no executive experience in all of his years but no sane person would make the argument that Palin is more qualified to be president than McCain. A manager at foot Locker has executive experience. At the moment I like Palin because it points out quite clearly how far right the Republican party has gone, I think she makes their ticket unelectable.

  19. LL, are you writing for the Daily Kos?
    Another lie not on the list: [ed. link deleted. I don’t allow links to hate sites.] She increased the funding three times

    Firings: you did not read my link in earlier message.

    The ID comment is also unfounded.

    As I said: Palin Derangement Syndrome!

    But don’t vote for her if you don’t believe in her. I really just wanted to justify my first message in this thread.

  20. Scary thought, would Palin win for president against Obama? She’s all-american and has lots of sass, I wonder if that’s enough for a majority of Americans.

  21. Jorgen, no I don’t write for Daily Kos, nor am I regular reader of the site.

    Here is a quote from Palin, which seems to be valid:
    “Teach both. You know, don’t be afraid of information. Healthy debate is so important and it’s so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both. And you know, I say this too as the daughter of a science teacher. Growing up with being so privileged and blessed to be given a lot of information on, on both sides of the subject — creationism and evolution. It’s been a healthy foundation for me. But don’t be afraid of information and let kids debate both sides.”

    The only thing she is right on is that you shouldn’t be afraid of information. But we don’t teach every crackpot idea ever proposed in science classes. There is no scientific evidence for creationism, or Intelligent Design. It should therefore only be taught in Social Studies, along with many other belief systems. We don’t give kids every possible idea everyone has ever had to explain why we stay stuck to the surface of the earth and then ask the kids to decide which is right. We teach about gravity. We explain what science knows, and what it doesn’t.

    On my comment on the firings: she was under investigation before she was nominated. There may be something there. We need to wait and see. And my guess is the investigation will be delayed until after the election. McCain is taking quite a risk there.

    On your comment of Palin Derangement Syndrome: there’s more than enough bad stuff there that makes me not want her as vice president. I don’t understand why some people like her.

  22. “Democrat Barack Obama says he would delay rescinding President Bush’s tax cuts on wealthy Americans if he becomes the next president and the economy is in a recession, suggesting such an increase would further hurt the economy.”

    What does the above say about Obama’s plan…?

  23. Teach the controversy! Gravity is a sham! Bullshit! We’re actually held on planet earth by magnetrons which are too complicated to be viewed by mere human devices like microscopes and particle colliders. Magnetrons are so complicated that there can only be one explanation – an incredibly powerful being, for which there is also no proof, made magnetrons.

    And yes, Michelle Malkin runs a complete hate site website.

    I don’t judge on pary affiliation – I just think there there needs to be a balance. Attacking any one side plays into their hands.

    That’s one of the single dumbest comments I’ve read here. Balance? You think someone else needs to put balance on their own website? Guess what, fuck-o, you can run out and make your own balanced shitty website. Here’s what our host is required to do to make you happy:


  24. Obama (and Biden!) has, as Rev. Jackson said, in his whole life only been running his mouth.

    And the Harvard Law Review.

    And his community organizing time, which assholes seem to think is something to mock, involved him being director of a developing neighborhood program.

    Later he directed Illinois’ Project Vote, founded and directed Public Allies which was specifically directed at developing leadership in young people.

    When you say the stupid shit you say, all you demonstrate is that you are stupid. Damn.

  25. I had decided to stop this futile discussion, but I suppose I now have to apologize for being stupid. Luckily it hasn’t hampered my academic education, my career (with executive experience :), nor prevented me from retiring early.

    I did not mock his community organizing work. But it is simply not real executive experience; Obama has done the kind of things professional politicians do. No wonder: Obama is like Biden a typical professional politician, who has never lived in real life.

    Palin also did everything wrong to get to a top position: she grew up in a small town, did not graduate from an ivy league, was born in a family without influence, married someone without money and influence, reached the top in the Alaska Republican branch which is very man-only, has five children etc. But she made it by herself and gained certified executive experience.

    But you should vote for who you believe in.

  26. Oh jorgen, you’re so fulla shit it ain’t even funny. Stupid isn’t any kind of hindrance in getting by, see the current White House for an example.

    Again, like the rest of the asshole GOP party, you only are focusing on the community organizing. How is that or becoming the President of Harvard Law Review typical politician moves?

    And someone please explain to me why the fuck “executive experience” is so all fired important. why it’s the only thing that matters?

    For that matter, ol’ Johnny Mac (remember him? head of your ticket) hasn’t any of this vaunted “executive experience” either. And all he’s done with his life is typical professional politician shit too.

  27. Harvard Law Review is a student run law journal.

    Now, John One is very far down the list of people I would like to vote for. However, Obama is miles further down for a number of reasons beyond the scope of the current topic.

    But since you ask: John One has plenty of real executive experience when he was in the navy; he has achieved discipline, administrative and executive experience throughout his career in US Navy. He ended up as Commanding Officer of the largest squadron, meaning that he managed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment, hundreds of officers and lots of personnel. In his political life he has – also unlike Obama – for decades dealt with major legislation.

    Why is it important? The US is a very large “company” and being the US President is therefore not a job in which one can learn as one goes along.

  28. Yes, the USA is a company and look how well the last CEO president worked out.

    Love how you downplay the Harvard Law Review. From Wikipedia:

    The Review is one of the most cited law reviews in the United States and considered by many to be the most prestigious.

    And consider all the nobodies who worked for it:

    Prominent alumni of the Harvard Law Review include Supreme Court Justices Edward Sanford, Felix Frankfurter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Antonin Scalia, Stephen Breyer and Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., Presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama, Secretary of State Dean Acheson, Charles Hamilton Houston, Alger Hiss, Archibald MacLeish, Secretary of Transportation and Brown v. Board of Education attorney William Coleman, Jr., Judge Richard Posner, Chief Judge Henry Friendly, Chief Judge Michael Boudin, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Chris Cox, print and broadcast journalist Jeffrey Toobin, former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, Harvard Law School Dean Elena Kagan, Yale Law School Dean Harold Koh, former Canadian ambassador Allan Gotlieb, former Assistant Attorney General Viet Dinh, former New York State Solicitor General Preeta D. Bansal, University of Texas President William C. Powers, and former Harvard University president Derek Bok.

    Face it, jorgen, you’re just spouting the crap you hear from the Hannity’s, the O’Reilly’s, the Limbaugh’s, and all the rest of the nitwit crowd of hypocritical assholes.

    Do you get some kind of GOP talking points swag for this service? Or are you just a freelance douche?

    McCain only ever commanded a training squadron and then went on to his political career. And his career has been filled with mistake after scandal after bad choice after disaster. He fucks up routinely and has consistently poor judgment (see Keating, see Palin). His life has been filled with bad decisions of the kind I want nowhere near the White House.

  29. I am sure Harvard Law Review is very prestigious, but being the president is a top *academic* job, not something that gives hard-nosed executive experience.

    You are also wrong re Mc Cain. McCain became Commanding Officer of the squadron in July 1976. Now, that is executive experience and I doubt the US Navy promotes a f*ck-up as Commanding Officer.

    And, yes, I am just a freelance douche. I don’t even follow the media “gurus” you dislike.

  30. How am I wrong? He was a commanding officer of a training squadron. Training squadron. Sounds kind of like an academic position to me. Like Principal or something.

    And if you doubt our military promotes fuck ups, then either you’re hysterically unfamiliar with our military or any of the accounts of it. here’s a start:

    Okay, then, we at least agree on one thing, jorgen, you’re a freelance douche. Now the only question is how big a douche you are. I’m putting it somewhere in the 85% bracket.

  31. Ah, you are trying to put him down. Yes, of course the US Navy do training, that is what they do – especially so, when John One were CO as the personnel were enlisted.

    As I said above: he would have had hundreds of *officers* under him apart from the personnel: heavy on administration and management.

    This is getting ridiculous. You, like many here, don’t seem to care about the difference between facts and rumour and you are not doing your research. Bye.

  32. Wow, you figured out I was putting McCain down all on your ownsies? How very big boy of you, jorgen.

    See if your big brain will help you understand if I’m going to vote for a psychotic time bomb asshole and his Jeebus dipwad Nixonian sidekick.

    (Did I give you enough clues?)

    And so what does McCain’s executive experience provide him with that makes him able to run the presidency? Okay, he knows how to administer training exercises to navy staff. Aaaaaaannnnnd what? So fucking what? Seriously. So fucking what? How does that provide him with good judgment? I’ve seen the choices he’s made. Poor ones. Plenty of them.

    Just because he was in the military I should kiss his fucking ass? Please.

    Better trolls, please.

  33. McCain was a terrible candidate, and his crackpot “second coming” running mate was even worse, no doubt.

    …The question here is whether Barack “Tax Dollar Bandit” Obama is any better.

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