1. Sushi at the newly opened “Fuku Sushi” across the street from my office.

    Fuku, while a Japanese word, doesn’t pertain to sushi is any sense. In an attempt to be clever, the waiters wear shirts with such slogans as “Fuku all night long” or “Fuku at home” etc. Neighboring stores have complained but since it’s located on a college campus, I think their target demographic doesn’t mind much. Anyway…

  2. HA! @ Meg

    I love places with clever names. There’s a place in Seattle called
    “What the Pho”

    Lunch for my boss and me…don’t know yet but it involves a drive around the metro area to get away from work. I know beer will be involved after all it’s friday.

    So beer.

  3. Lunch meat sandwich on white with one slice of American Cheese, about 12 reduced fat wheat thins (unflavored…or is that obvious enough by just stating they are reduced fat?), five mini Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies (mmm), and a large peach (Californian, but not real juicy), and a large scotch and water, hold the scotch.

  4. @Chris@

    We (Western Washington) got them just recently (four years ago). Still no In and Out.
    I’ve read that the reason is that In and Out only uses fresh stuff and so they can’t that far away from a depot or something.
    Still haven’t tried it, but everyone raves.
    Key to Fatburger: relish.

  5. My (slacking of late) vegetarian tendencies gave way to my Irish tendencies. Hot corned beef with Swiss on rye, Dr. Brown’s cherry soda, and a bag of chips.

  6. Roast beast sammich with provolone, lettuce, tomato, mayo, Arby’s Horsey Sauce, and some really icky brown potato chips (brown as in burnt-tasting, not as in “dirty” chips), and a pickle spear. With a Milky Way for dessert!

    We have a little Viet restaurant nearby called Pho 79, and they sell T-shirts with the slogan, “It’s Pho-king Good!”

  7. Deli BBQ chicken, baby swiss, baby romaine on a honey wheat bagel, broccoli and cauliflower with spicy ranch dip and water

    I just had an apple for an afternoon snack too.

    I have taken on a lifetime boycott of Krystals (which is similar to White Castle?) Unfortunately I have only heard of Fatburger an In-N-Out Burger.

  8. Celery soup and fresh green salad
    Deep-fried corn fritters to tickle yer palate
    Tartar sauce fer a well cooked fish
    And apple pie baked in a big deep dish

    Hand-slung chitterlings browned in a pan
    We got tomaters straight outta the can
    Grits and gravy to fill yer plate
    and cherry cobbler…the best you’ve ate.

    YUM YUM!

    a tip of the hat to Hee Haw and Grandpa Jones

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