Daily Dose of Ingersoll


There are two ways of accounting for the sacred books and
religions of the world.

One is to say that the sacred hooks were written by inspired
men, and that our religion was revealed to us by God.

The other is to say that all books have been written by men,
without any aid from supernatural powers, and that all religions
have been naturally produced.

We find that other races and peoples have sacred books and
prophets, priests and Christs; we find too that their sacred books
were written by men who had the prejudices and peculiarities of the
race to which they belonged, and that they contain the mistakes and
absurdities peculiar to the people who produced them.

Christians are perfectly satisfied that all the so-called
sacred books, with the exception of the Old and New Testaments,
were written by men, and that the claim of inspiration is perfectly
absurd. So they believe that all religions, except Judaism and
Christianity, were invented by men. The believers in other
religions take the ground that their religion was revealed by God,
and that all others, including Judaism and Christianity, were made
by men. All are right and all are wrong. When they say that “other”
religions were produced by men, they are right; when they say that
their religion was revealed by God, they are wrong.

Robert Green Ingersoll – “Which Way” (1884)