1. A couple of things:
    1) I am a woman, and not only do I NOT find what Carville said about Gov. Palin demeaning to women (after all, its all factual), rather, I find everything the Republican party is asserting about Palin overtly insulting to women everywhere. To think that women aren’t smart enough to see through the Republicans blatant attempts to appeal to disgruntled Hillary supporters in choosing Palin, as well as Reps having the audacity to even suggest that Palin is remotely as qualified as Hillary Clinton, is simply mind boggling, insulting, and belittling.

    2) Do you see the unmoving stepford-esqe expression on this women’s face during Carville’s entire rebuttal? I have never seen a more blank stare. Either this woman is made of stone or she is just hoping that we won’t pay attention to the words actually coming out of her beautiful mouth. Or perhaps she just had her monthly injection of botox. Ouch.

  2. I am not so sure Hillary is uber qualified either…
    Even though she acted as if SHE was elected, she was not. She was the wife of the president.
    Jackie O, Pat Nixon, Rosalynn Carter, Nancy Reagan et al are qualified to be President?
    Hell, Chelsea was in the White House for 8 years too.
    Carpetbagging to New York, trading on Bill’s name doesn’t really count either.

  3. what a shitty technique she uses when she realizes that carville is winning their mock-debate.
    instead of saying “good god, james, you’re right, sarah palin is a terrible choice for vice president”, she decides to call him a woman-hater because he disagrees with her.

    that sort of bullshit is very upsetting to me.

    i hope she trips getting out of the shower and smashes her mouth on the edge of the sink, knocking out all of her teeth and sending bone fragments up into her brain, causing hemorraging and eventually death.

  4. Please, for the love of God (well I’m an atheist, but you get my point), never use that Jacko gif again. Not only does it have Jacko, but he is chewing with his mouth open. That’s got to be my number one pet peeve.

  5. I love, love, love Michelle Bachman. She is great. I was so upset at first when she won, but everything that comes out of her mouth is pure, crazy, gold.

    Jennifer from Minneapolis

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