From ObamaTaxCut.com:

All numbers are from the non-partisan Tax Policy Center. Obviously, you’ll note that filling out your taxes is a lot more complicated than just listing your income, filing status, and number of children — these are estimates based upon the stated policies of the candidates and average deductions claimed by folks in similar economic conditions. Luckily, Obama promises to simplify the filing process by filling forms out for you. The number reported above is the estimated difference between income taxes paid under George Bush’s current policies and the the taxes under the Obama plan.


  1. I’m all for reduced taxes, but if he’s cutting revenues, he has to cut spending. How on earth does he plan to pay for the sweeping changes and expansion of health care and a welfare system that’s already heavily underfunded.

    If you tax the corporations more, you simply cause unemployment as investments that then wouldn’t generate enough of a return shut down. If you tax the wealthy more, not only do you not get more revenues, due to the laffer curve, but you cut into real savings, stealing liquidity from the financial sector and reducing the amount of capital available for economic expansion. Not to mention that the rich pay the most taxes but receive the least compensation for those taxes, so it would be unethical to demand they take up an even greater share.

    Don’t get me wrong, McCain’s plan is horrible, too. Either way, we’re going to get saddled with more debt, higher inflation, and a weaker economy. Dem’s and Repub’s fight over which one gets to increase spending to their own interests. We need someone who will actually _reduce_ spending overall, not just to their competitor’s favored programs while ratcheting up their own programs even more.

    Need some fiscal discipline, someone who understands that it’s immoral to spend money you don’t have. Instead we get people talking about tax cuts, waving candy in front of our faces, ignoring reality.

  2. interesting… i saw this linked the other day (same website source) and it said i would get nothing… now it has a fairly decent tax cut. i call shenanigans.

    it’s kind of an effed up notion anyway… appealing for a candidate that contributes most to the dollar-in-your-pocket-at-the-moment is a poor way to make decisions.

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