1. I see this as an attempt to nullify the Republican party’s image as a rich white man’s club. Perhaps an appeal to disgruntled Hillary voters who would even otherwise lean to McCain, but hesitate – it tips them in his direction.

  2. Hmm. I see it as an appeal to the mouth-breathing FOX News watching cavemen who think “mm, pretty woman, make vice-president, mm, me likes.”

    I mean, she’s under government investigation right now. You would think the Republicans would pick someone who wasn’t currently under investigation, at the very least.

    She does wear a gigantic flag pin, though.

  3. I loves me some Alaska Republicans! They’re a funny bunch…all that small government, anti-tax rhetoric, yet…Alaskans receive more federal tax money and state benefits than any other state in the union, thanks to criminals like Ted “$231 Million Dollar Bridge To Nowhere” Stevens, and oil royalty payments to Alaskan citizens (socialism!!!). It’s genius, I tell ya, keeping the Republican mythology alive….with your tax money!

  4. She’s your standard issue wingnut, in a dress. That’s all, that’s it.

    She claims “maverick” credentials because she once outed some corrupt dudes in her own party. That’s the Republican standard of maverickyness, someone who followed the law and reported those who didn’t. That’s change we can believe in.

  5. Wow, you guys are way more educated than I am. You’ve decided in an hour and a half.

    I can’t wait until you find out she’s a creationist.

  6. What difference will that make to me, Rob? McGrumpy never had a chance of getting my vote and a scandal-mired governor of a lightly populated state isn’t going to change that just because she has a double X chromosone. she could be the most reasonable person on earth, she could be the most liberal woman on earth and i’m still not voting for McAbesimpson.

  7. “Wow, you guys are way more educated than I am. You’ve decided in an hour and a half.”

    Not even that long, really. Her addition to the ticket reeks of stunt casting, an attempted pander from a party that seems to think that an anti-abortion, creationist, ethically challenged VP candidate will rake in the disaffected Hillary voters because hey, she’s a woman too!

    Also, McCain has just tossed the “experience” argue right out of the window by adding Palin, undercutting his campaign’s most effective argument against Obama. And it’s not like there’s a rich trove of those just lying around for the GOP to choose from.

  8. Oh yankee, of course there are plenty of GOP arguments about Obama.

    He’s presumptuous (uppity (and black)).
    He would rather lose a war than an election (because he’s black and hates America — because he’s black)
    He wants to take away your guns (and give them to black radicals — because he’s black)
    He’s too popular (with your white sister — target of his black black lovin)

    See? It’s not all just experience (blackness).

  9. It puzzles me, but then, I’m no top-thinker or nuthin’.

    That said, creationists are seriously the world’s stupidest people.

  10. Every time someone uses the “he’s presumptuous” (as The Critic noted) argument regarding Obama, I think of this scene:

    (skip to 3:22 for it)

  11. “That’s the Republican standard of maverickyness, someone who followed the law and reported those who didn’t. That’s change we can believe in.”

    Well, it’s certainly better than anything Obama did in Chicago in that regard.

  12. Critic,

    “She’s your standard issue wingnut, in a dress.”

    That’s what I mean by you making a fast call. Do (did) you know anything about her? I don’t. If you’re a party-line voter, then who cares who’s running on either ticket. Just touch “(D).”

  13. Whether it works or not, the neo-cons have trumped the DNC and the Joe Biden announcement.

    It may not steal many Hilary supporter votes, but I think most people will see it as good political strategy to pick a woman running mate

    [Joe “Comb-over & Plugs” Biden is the best Obama could do? ugh.]

  14. It was reported that after seeing the 84,000 plus crowd that all of John McSames VP wan-a-be’s decided they didn’t-wan-a-be losers and the hunt got down to Palin,above the Mayor of Mayberry and below the 3 time Mayor of Whistlestop.

  15. As an Alaskan and actually knowing who Palin is, this development makes me very nervous. As a woman, this makes me sad to think of how many women will now vote McCain just because he has a female VP.

  16. Rob,

    For starters, there is not a Republican out there running for public office that I’d vote for. Secondly, I actually went and did some quick research on her positions and stances on issues before I posted that comment.

    So, a. see above and b. Fucka you, busta.

  17. Rob:

    Ironic isn’t it? As a man, I feel the same way.

    No, tha’ts not “ironic”. It’s just stupid.

    If you read the entire article, you’ll note that Jeffrey basically scolds the simple-minded for making this election anything close to “identity voting”. And, I happen to agree with him. But I disagree with him that this is a newish phenomenon. It’s not. It’s exactly how Bush got voted in… lots of simple minded people deciding that they’d rather have a beer with a war-hungry woman-hating alcoholic than face tough issues with Gore or Kerry. They felt like they “identified” with the moron, and unfortunately for the world, they got their wish.

  18. “Ironic”

    I see I was far from clear. The ironic part is that I’m a man and share the same feelings towards the McCain’s pick that a woman does. Just pointing out that identity politics runs deep even among people who oppose it. How does Marron being a woman relate to women voting for a women. Does it give her special insight? I’m not convinced.

    “If you read the entire article”

    Mea Culpa, I didn’t. I just put up that article as a generic “identity politics” reference.

    I disagree with you that the term “identity politics” applies to Bush/Gore/Kerry. It’s traditionally meant voting along ethnic/sex/class lines – not smart/stupid. It’s old-hat in local elections, but this is the first case (other than Ferraro) that we’ll be seeing it on a national scale. There’s no doubt Palin was picked by McCain to leverage identity politics.

    The author made the distinction that it would be a media-driven event, not necessarily reality. I’m sure we’ll see stories attributing Obama’s captuing 95% of the black vote to this theme, although Gore had the same number in 2000.

  19. Robb, I salute you. Your comment (the first one in this thread) will forever stand as one of my favorite comments about this election. So awesome.

  20. Stevo – yeah, I like this quote from Halcro’s blog:
    ‘This shocking choice says more about McCain’s desperation than it does about Palin’s qualifications.’
    For anyone else who wants to check it out:
    I’m sure there will be more from him to come.

  21. Looks like Sarah will be able to easily outrun him. John probably tires relatively quickly these days. Or have I missed something ?

  22. …she also pronounces nuclear like Bush – “nucular.”

    Just what we need – another so-called educated person who cannot pronounce the simplest of words.

  23. Is anyone else severely disturbed by the things this woman, a potential Vice President, stands for? I am honestly starting to fear for the world if Obama loses. This is the first year I’ve actually cared about politics, and I’ve never been more scared of the potential disaster that I hope will be averted…

  24. Don’t worry Dido, you CAN make a difference. Your vote matters. Yes, your one vote may save the world! (Or you can use it to destroy the world, if you’re so inclined).

  25. Hahaha! Thanks Rob but that doesn’t quite work out. I’m 16. My vote doesn’t exist. I don’t have a right to vote. And damn it’s depressing. But I have faith in the world. Screw God. It’s the world we need to have faith in.

  26. @Fly Navy:  i just have to ask–do you have even the tiniest bit of evidence or logic to back that up?  or does your answer just involve that McCain was a P.O.W.?

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